Why TACEF Academy Inspirational Home learning ?

Why TACEF Academy

The world is changing; the standards are shifting...the best of yesterday cannot match the pace of the future....

  • The student of the future will learn more at home than in school and a combination of school and home learning will raise super-excellent students
  • How students learn by visual and touch will differentiate intelligence of students of the future
  • The emotional maturity of a child cannot be taken care of by the 8-5 daily work schedule of modern parents. 21st century student needs a true mentor who teaches beyond classroom works.
  • The spiritual maturity of a child will be determined by whether they will survive the 21st century. A child who relies only on weekly Sunday school class may become a victim of the negative side of modernity and secular world. The 21st century children need to know their God much earlier before they are corrupted by the strange teachings of our time!
  • What has brought us thus far is insufficient to take us far. The fact that we, as parents struggled through and made it to where we are does not mean it will be the same for our children in a global village where a job in USA can be done by a smarter kid from Nigeria. Our children therefore need more than traditional skills of reading and writing to match the global competitiveness of the future. In the next few years, skills like programming and coding will be the new writing skills. How ready are you as a parent? In the next 10 years or less, your child will be competing with the Indian boy who started programming at the age of 5 or that Chinese genius who spends 10 hours of one-on-one home learning under the watchful eye of both parents and even grandparents, since he or she is the only child.

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