TACEF Academy Teaching philosophy

About tacef Academy
  1. Beyond classroom learning, we have a big mandate to spiritually nurture every child as God's change agent and propagator of God's will in their generation. Therefore, our learning approach is to have a mentor for every child, who shares and discusses the contemporary meaning of Bible on regular basis through a discipleship programme which is integrated into every learning.
  2. Our learning methodology complements traditional classroom lessons by exposing kids to visual and pictorial elements of what they have learnt, learning or will learn in school according to their class-level curriculum. We believe that the best way to ignite the spirit of excellence in a child is to learn by showing them the hard-to-understand scientific principles through mentorship learning and using world class videos
  3. Children are better inspired by showing them transformational stories to motivate self-belief.
  4. Our teachers are not just teachers, they are mentors and counsellors with a sense of bigger purpose to raise a generation of Godly seed who demonstrates excellence that can change the world whilst also championing the goodness of the kingdom of God.
  5. Our syllabus is in line with the National Educational Curriculum for grades 1-9 which will be complemented with UK and USA learning systems and delivered as a combo using our inspirational learning methodology, with great use of audio-visual materials. We shall follow the normal term-based learning calendar for weekly lessons in our focussed areas of Mental Mathematics, English practicals, Science, Geography and Current Affairs. Parents can also advise based on gaps that they have seen by selecting specific lessons from our over 2000 videos. For example, a parent who is concerned about a child's phonetics and vocabulary can select our multiple videos of British pronunciation and audio-visual learning dictionary series.
  6. Our tutors are very well-trained based on our inspirational learning methodologies. They have a sense of higher purpose as change-agents and not just teachers. They are therefore God-fearing, diligent and experienced graduates. We can 100% vouch for them. (Basketball scene). A thorough background checks have been done to prove their spiritual and educational values. The minimum requirement is a letter from their Pastor that they are active Christians serving the Lord in spirit and in truth.
  7. Our tutors will be engaging your ward for about 180 minutes per week, that is 2 classes of 90 minutes each. Our schedule is such that the first 10 minutes is used for spiritual engagement (Bible study and prayer), review of home work and then the audio-visual learning session. Teacher will also provide a leave-behind printed material for the topic learned with or without assignment. This means that parents who already have traditional home teacher can complement the learning with our inspirational methodology.
  8. We understand that the process of raising a child is both physical and spiritual. We therefore organise quarterly prayer meetings, where we jointly stand in the gap for all the children in our educational programme. We understand that our children shall be taught of the Lord and great shall be their peace. Also, as parents or guardian, you will be receiving instant message or feedback through SMS or Mail on how your child has performed after each class. Also, there will always be monthly assessment report on your ward's performance.
  9. We also provide specialised learning in the areas of musical instrument, Chess game, etiquette, public speaking, programming, coding, Designing and other extra-curricular activities etc. Parents only need to enquire and our team will be glad to do it.

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