About tacef Academy

As an academy in pursuit of excellence and optimum service for her customers, this following process will be followed in the admission of Students.

  • File Opening for all enquiries will be done the following day of enquiries.
  • Confirmation of available Tutors based on period of Tutorial and Location of both Parent and Tutors will be verified on the third day.
  • Mailing of Invoice and available Tutor's profile to Parents (If possible one of the available tutors will visit the parent with invoice and to make some other enquiries about the student.
  • Confirmation of Parents consent and Time of payment into our account through phone call.
  • Parents should please send SMS which states the amount paid and teller number to 08188977811 after payment for confirmation.
  • Preparation of Tutor's Teaching Audio visuals, worksheet, bible study guide and other needed teaching materials.
  • Resumption of Tutors to take charge.

Important Notices for our Parents

  • Our Tutors must be allowed to Pray and observe Bible studies with your child at every contact.
  • You will always be invited to our Special Quarterly Prayer Meetings, where all Parents gather to pray for children in our Academy.
  • The standard number of days of operation after enquiries is seven days, but it can be delayed due to Parents consent and payment time.
  • A very conducive learning environment should be provided for our Tutors. (We request for places where there will be no TV, Music and Video distractions. We will like our students to focus on our audio Visuals.
  • Our standard duration is 180 minutes per week (twice a week) but it can be extended on request to 360 minutes per week (four times a week).
  • We request your permission for our Tutors to operate with a level of Godly discipline with your child in cases of Laziness, carelessness and playfulness.
  • Our Tutors will resume on the first working day after the confirmation of your payment.
  • Our Tutors are not expected to discuss monetary issues with you EXCEPT the ACADEMY order them to do so. (This would have been communicated to you prior their arrival.)
  • All complains about the Tutor should be forwarded to our office through SMS, CALLS OR EMAIL.
  • Booking or ordering of a copy of any Teaching Materials should be done by putting a call through or mailing us.
  • Parents should sometimes create time to make enquiries about the student from the Tutor.
  • We will also welcome ideas from Parents in handling their children.

Thanks for your cooperation.


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