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TACEF Academy Home Lesson is built on what we called Inspirational Methodology, a learning philosophy led by a personal home mentor, who brings spiritual values of Jesus Christ, world-class use of audio-visuals and modern skills to teach prospective child to better understand those difficult concepts, whilst also deepening their love for Jesus and broadening their learning to match the current world standards.

In terms of our differentiation from other existing home lessons, we bring together the following 5 Pillars to every family that will be privileged to have a MENTOR from us

  • Over 2,000+ learning videos on Maths, English, Science, Current Affairs etc.
  • Each teacher has a Tablet, Microscope, Worksheets etc. for visual learning
  • Every session includes few minutes of Bible study and prayers
  • Real-time feedback, as parents receive daily and monthly feedback on their child’s performance via email or SMS, at least 30 minutes after a class
  • Quarterly Prayer meeting where we gather with the parents to intercede for their wonderful children in our care

We are on a mandate to RAISE A GODLY GENERATION THAT ARE TAUGHT OF THE LORD, in progression of TACEF's vision to raise vibrant army to change the society with the spirit of revived Godliness and excellence.

Our prospective tutors must be fully aware that they are not just a teacher who works to earn a salary but a MENTOR, a DISCIPLER, a COUNSELLOR, and a destiny-changing agent on a mission to lead souls to Christ, whilst also providing educational instruction in a most innovative manner.

Our mentors must be self-motivated as a Jesus ambassador, whose attitude, demonstration of excellence, commitment, honesty and sense of values must wholly demonstrate the character of Jesus with utmost professional excellence.

We entertain application from any denomination as they will be willing to go through our recruitment policy. To be a MENTOR!

Send your CV to and we will get back to you.


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