About tacef Academy

The unchanging and ever faithful Word of the Lord says “Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6 NKJV). We live in a world of mixed multitudes, polluted system, and a century where irrationality has been rationalized and where moral and civic values had been negatively redefined. We live in a nation where a voice is needed to create the needed change and a hand to support our country. Our children studies in an educational system which must be positively complemented with Godly and outstanding values for them to meet up with their International counterparts. These and many more factors have convinced Parents of great Visions and Hope for the future of their children to affiliate themselves with those who believes in their children as heritage from the lord and are ready to prepare them as arrows in the hand of a warrior.
TACEF Academy Home Lesson is built on what we have called Inspirational Methodology, a learning philosophy led by a personal home mentor, who brings spiritual values of Jesus Christ, world-class use of videos/audio and modern skills to teach your child to better understand those difficult concepts, whilst also deepening their love for Jesus and broadening their learning to match the current world standards.

In terms of our differentiation from other existing home lessons, we bring together the following 5 Pillars to every family that will be privileged to have to us as Tutors/Mentors;

  • Over 2,000+ learning videos on Maths, English, Science, Current Affairs etc.
  • Each teacher has a Tablet, Microscope, Worksheets etc. for visual learning
  • Every session includes few minutes of Bible study and prayers
  • Real-time feedback, as parents receive daily and monthly feedback on their child’s performance via email or SMS, at least 30 minutes after a class
  • Quarterly Prayer meeting where we gather with the parents to intercede for their wonderful children in our care

TACEF ACADEMY is a platform where your child will be able to tour and experience the reality and practicality of abstract school teachings through audio-visuals, experimentation, practicals, games, etc. Students are not restricted to the unchanging painted classroom walls but rather receive their lectures under best atmospheres and environments that soothe each topic and subject.
Also, parents are privileged to select for the Tutor where they want their children to be improved. There are also specialized and extracurricular classes for musical Instruments, Computer programming, Coding, Etiquette, Public speaking, etc.

TACEF ACADEMY is set to support you in the training of your child to become Godly Genius!!!


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